On behalf of DC Guitar Studio, I would like to personally welcome you to our website. DC Guitar Studio is here to provide students an educational foundation on playing and performing music through the enjoyment of the guitar! Here you can find many resources to help encourage, inform, and entertain the different aspects of the guitar. Towards the top of the page there are different tabs which will take you to different parts of the site. The "Forums" tab offers many blogs and posts from other guitar players worldwide. There you can find classified ads, musicians for hire, bands seeking new members, and other various blogs. DC Guitar Studio does also offer structured online guitar lessons. Please feel free to explore the website and thanks for visiting!!

Dan Confait
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Student of the Month

Congratulations to Aeryn for earning
"Student of the Month"
To  recognize some of our outstanding students and encourage each of our students to strive for greatness, DC Guitar Studio will be featuring a "Student of the Month. This student has demonstrated exceptional accomplishment and significant improvement and will be rewarded a 10% discount for the following month! The award will be announced at the beginning of every month. 


Lessons Face to Face?

 We offer private 1-on-1 guitar lessons and group guitar lessons in the Madison, Ms area. Check out the Guitar Lessons page or please contact us for more information!!

Online Guitar Lessons!!

 Interested in Guitar Lessons?? Well, we know you have many options online to view videos and learn to play the guitar. What sets this site apart from the rest?? Check out the Guitar Lessons Page!!

Enjoying The Music??

 Please visit the Forum/Artist Page to check out the artists whose music is featured on this site!! You might be suprised on how talented these musicians are and how enjoyable their music is!!
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